The zero trans fat cooking oil contest


There is a reason two out of the three world’s top fast food chains use FryChef™ in their restaurants throughout Europe.

FryChef™ – proved to be the lowest cost-in-use, for these fast food giants.

FryChef™ has been specially formulated to resist breakdown caused by frying breaded, battered or multiple products. For those heavy-use customers, FryChef™ will prove the lowest cost-in-use over any other trans fat free vegetable frying oil.

For almost every operation,
FryChef™will save you money!

FryChef™ is formulated from a blend of oils to give:

Naturally long life

An excellent nutritional profile

No flavor transfer

Low oil absorption – no greasy food

Golden color

Lowest cost-in-use

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Par-Way Tryson Company

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Imported to the USA by
US Food Group, Towson, MD








Texas A&M has completed the testing of ten oils in the zero trans fat cooking oil contest. The results are posted on the List of Oils & Results page.

Contest Pictures

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